After entertaining Nigerians with his first sensational single “street”, cixqo decides to release a body of work, an EP titled “Purge“.
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He calls this project “Purge” because he feels the industry needs to be purged of irrelevant and low or no lyrical ‘content’ songs. ‘Most Songs out there are not healthy for the hip-hop culture, and promotes us not intellectually and as a hip-hop community’, cixqo says in his own words.
Purge The EP” is a body of work that will introduce us to the truth and ideal hip-hop sensation. It will rid the industry of junks and pseudo hip-hop.
One should expect lines from the incredible lyricists Pompay, Yunqblood_khalifa, Lato, Emperor Mochi and more. Steven Tones also pitches in with his Electrifying vocal and rhythmic tone.
“Make your next move, your Best move”


1. Street – Cixqo Feat. Pompay, Yunqblood & Steven Tones
2. Am a god – Cixqo Feat. Steven Tones, Emperor Mochi & Pompay
3. Street Afro EDM [MazexMxtreme Remix]
4. Bad – Cixqo Feat. Life of Osas, RookyKamiz, LATO, Yunqblood, Pompay

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